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Wabtec 1-1/4" Vented Ball Valves Brass

by Wabtec
SKU 309151

Wabtec 2-Way Vented Ball Valve

Size: 1.25" NPT
Material: Brass
Handle: 5"
P/N: 309151
Style: Vented
Max Pressure: 400 psi
Stamped: WOG (water, oil, or gas)
Port: Full Port

Forged brass valves last longer and perform better due to Wabtec's innovative valve design.

A vented ball valve works to relieve pressure on one end of the valve after it is closed, depending on what direction the valve is installed. A hole is carefully drilled through the housing and the ball in order to relieve this pressure. When open, the valve will operate like a normal ball valve, not letting any gas or liquid to vent. When closed, pressure will be held on one end with the other end vented to atmosphere.

CSX SCN: 31003091511

Custom handle for wabtec 1.25" vented ball valve. 5" from center of nut to end of handle. 3/4" tip to tip on star.

This custom handle is ideal in "tight" situations. It is shorter than normal in order to fit in those tough places.

CSX SCN: 31003074411

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