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Product Distributor: representative of leading industrial manufacturers.

OEM: in-house fabrication of original equipment for petroleum handling, water handling, sand handling, compressed air handling equipment systems and more.

Construction: nationwide construction teams for railroad construction

Service/Maintenance: nationwide service technicians for railyard maintenance, service, and meter calibrating.

RYDM: Rail Yard Data Management software and equipment. Cost-saving fuel data collection software and automated fueling.


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Online marketplace

Transparent pricing

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When your fuel pumps fail or you have a hole somewhere in your sand system, you cannot afford to lose precious time. Since 1984, we have understood your vigorous challenges and objectives because we are on America’s Railyards every day. And, we go home to our families every night, the same as you. This is how we know you want the ability to find everything you need in one spot to make your life easier. Welcome to RailYardSupply.com, the first comprehensive website for Railroad products and Railroad supply.

RailYardSupply.com has a passion for fulfilling your railroad needs. Located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we are a website supported by a collaborative team of engineers, developers, innovators, service technicians, construction teams, fabricators, and more. Our ultimate goal is to provide easy to use interfaces, best prices, and fastest shipping from a website that combines the most comprehensive parts, products, and services list for the railroad industry; your one stop shop. If you don’t see something you need, simply give us a call or shoot us an email. Through partnering with CWI Railroad System Specialists, we can provide all the custom fabrication products and construction projects you may require. Please allow us to revolutionize your buying experience and let us know how we can continue to improve.

Also, ask about our recurring shipment options. If you find something that you order every month, let us know and we will make it automatic. This way, you won’t have to place a new order every month, your regular order will simply show up.

Railyardsupply.com is an online marketplace that combines all the items needed on the Rail Yard into one convenient place.  This website is intended for procurement/store room/purchasing department employees.

RailYardSupply.com is designed to save time, money, and effort by creating a one-stop-shop that can be accessed from any internet enabled device.

While the competition focuses on general industrial supply, we utilize our 34+ years of specialized system experience to bring you every quality product only specific to the Railroad.  We understand the problematic hurdles in your Rail Yard Systems, which allows us to provide the best possible solutions.

We want to supply your railyards and industrial plants with the highest quality items for every system they have.  We specialize in Sand Systems, Fuel Systems, Oil Systems, Air Systems, Water Systems, RYDM Systems, Construction, Fabrication, etc.  Our unique differentiation is using our knowledge to combine all possible Rail Yard items into a one-stop-shop.



Procurement / Sourcing,

We have supported the Railroad Industry for many years and are constantly trying to design and implement systems in the effort of efficiency.  The industry is ever evolving and growing, and we understand how difficult it is to introduce new procedures on both ends.  We believe railyardsupply.com is the next step in Railroad efficiency.

Please allow me to explain how railyardsupply.com can benefit your yards;

This experiment is conducted on the theory that ordering parts on railyardsupply.com vs. the phone is faster.

After monitoring numerous trials throughout the past couple weeks, I see an average time on the phone ranging between 30-40 min over an average of 2-3 phone calls when the customer knows what system they are working on, but slightly unsure of the item they need.  This amounts to an average range of 60-120 min spent on the phone to make an order for replacement parts.

I separately tested 4 of our service technicians, who are on the rail yards every day, by asking them to locate 3 different items on railyardsupply.com to see how long it would take them.  The items were sand wands, an air pressure gauge, and a Morrison brothers high level alarm replacement battery.  From sign in to checkout, the process ranged between 13-19 minutes.  They were able to recognize which system they were working on and able to filter their results from there.  They identified items by the picture, so they were confident they were getting what they needed.

In the case where a customer knew what they wanted, the average time to pick up the phone, call, wait for someone to answer, chat with them about what they needed, confirm shipping address information, and say goodbye ranged between 8-14 minutes.

I tested a fellow project member in the same scenario where I asked them to find sand wands, an air pressure gauge, and a Morrison brothers high level alarm replacement battery.  They were familiar with railyardsupply.com.  It took this person 1-1/2 minutes to sign in, add the items to the cart, and checkout.

As we can see, in this experiment, familiarizing with and utilizing railyardsupply.com vs. the phone significantly reduces time spent ordering items.  Over time, this will equate to infinite minutes wasted ordering replacement items for the Railyard.  Since this is designed specifically for the Rail Yard, all items can be purchased in one place, eliminating the need to repeat this process over and over with multiple vendors.  Also, it is easy for your employees to enter their own P.O. numbers during checkout.  We will continue to bill on net 30 terms as common practice between CWI and business relationships.


We would like to partner with you to produce what we believe is a more efficient railyard.  We understand that this is met with resistance, but we believe it is the next step in the evolution of the Railroad.  We strongly believe that this will save money for your organization by allowing your employees more time to focus on keeping locomotives running.  We have ensured that the website is designed to work seamlessly in the field as well, because, from our research, we see that 72% of our users are accessing railyardsupply.com from a smartphone.  We could even provide, for example, sand wands, pinch valve sleeves, filters, etc. on a recurring basis.

Please let us know how we can encourage your employees to use railyardsupply.com and let me know any of your question or concerns.  How can we become part of your internal procurement system?

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