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FREE ACCESS to our RYDM (Rail Yard Data Management) demo website... click to learn more
FREE ACCESS to our RYDM demo website... Rail Yard Data Management

RYDM Rail Yard Data Management

rail yard data management

Rail Yard Data Management

RYDM is a modular based data collections system and automated industrial controls system.  Conceived through a Black Belt project, it has morphed from simply tracking fuel usage to monitoring all tank levels (Sand, lube oil, fuel oil, etc), email based fault notification, Locomotive tracking, pressure monitoring, operating the fueling system, and much more.  The system, at its core, is run with Allen Bradley Micrologix and uses a single cellular point to communicate data back to our servers for instant access via website to all site generated data.  RYDM is easily adapted to automate the controls and monitor all systems, or simply tell you the quantity of fuel dispensed in the last locomotive.


With over 30 years’ experience working in the railyard, we understand the need for quick service.  All RYDM systems have secured remote access for cycling power on key devices, modifying PLC’s and any PC onsite.  RYDM systems incorporate "Heartbeat", which is an integrated redundant monitoring system of the main monitoring and controls system.  This is crucial for a system installed coast to coast.  


RYDM doesn’t stop at the service center.  We have installed fuel tracking systems on LST trucks to accurately monitor remote locomotive fueling.  These trucks are equipped with a 12V RYDM system that runs on its own 12v battery.  This system uses all standard RYDM equipment making servicing and part replacement universal.  All data gathered is then synced and populated on our website.   

 RYDM System Capabilities and Highlights

  • Industrial Class Controls (pumps, VFD's, meters, sensors, valves, etc)
  • Locomotive Fueling, Controlling Unlimited Nozzles
  • Nozzle Pressure Control for Spill Prevention
  • ATG Automatic Tank Gauging for all products including fuel, sand, oils, water, coolant, etc.
  • Email notifications for faults, inventory levels, bypass events, and more.
  • Power Phase Monitoring
  • Heartbeat Redundant RYDM Monitoring
  • Dedicated company website allows realtime access to all your locations anywhere in the world
  • Leak Detection
  • Fueling Reports
  • Camera Video Monitoring
  • AEI Locomotive Tracking Analysis
  • Truck Loading / Unloading
  • Tank Car Loading / Unloading
  • Barge Loading / Unloading
  • Redundancy Systems to Prevent Spills, Protect Equipment, and Protect Workers
  • Touchscreen Operator Interfaces
  • SmartBox Compressed Air System Monitoring and Controls

What can RYDM do for you?

The topics above explain what we have done; but the most important point to remember is: We are constantly developing our system to fit our customer’s needs.  Whether it’s locomotive fuel tracking, predictive system maintenance, or the desire to make your inventory web accessible, we can do it.  We find that our system has pulled away from the competition due to the integrity and experience we bring to the field. We work closely with our customers to make sure their needs are met while providing world-class personalized service and attention.

RYDM is a modular based system that allows you to mix and match fuctions based on your companies' needs.  Learn more about how RYDM can support your railroad and for free access to our RYDM Demo website!


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RYDM- Complete system controls and monitoring designed for all railroad facilities systems; For railroads by a railroad system specialist company- We know you better!

We can take your next project from start to finish, and beyond.  Get all this from a single vendor, us.

  1. Engineering and Design
  2. Custom Equipment Fabrication
  3. Installation and Construction (licensed and insured for railroad facilities)
  4. Maintenance, Support, Meter Calibration, Emergency Repairs
  5. Product Distribution Focused Towards Railroad Facilities Systems