Velcon I-6336TB Fuel Filters 6pcs

by Velcon
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SKU I-6336TB

Velcon I-6336TB Replacement Fuel Filter.

Brand: Velcon

Model: I-6336TB

Quantity: 6

Outside Diameter: 6"

Inside Diameter: 3.5"

Length: 33"

Material: Fiberglass

End Cap: Threaded Base

Micron Rating: 2 micron

Seal Material: Buna-N

Max Operating Temp: 160 deg F

Max Pressure Differential: 75 psi

This filter is commonly seen in a fueling system. There are typically three filters to a single housing. In picture, three filters are found in the yellow, cylindrical filter housing.

Coalescer cartridge designed for separation of highly dispersed emulsified water particles and removal of particulate contaminants from hydrocarbon fuel.

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