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TTi50 3/8" 10-50 N*m 8-35 lbf*ft Industrial Torque Wrenches

SKU 13841

Norbar Torque Tools

TTi50 3/8" 10-50 N*m 8-35 lbf*ft Industrial Torque Wrenches

Part number: 13841
EAN Bar Code: -
NATO number: 5120-99-154-0947
Accuracy: ±3%
Operates between:

10.00 - 50.00 N·m
8.00 - 35.00 lbf·ft
The Norbar TTi Torque Wrenches are accurate, easy to set and are comfortable in use.  They are finished in an attractive and durable satin chrome plate. This TTi50 is supplied with a 3/8" reversible ratchet.
  • Micrometer Scale for simple and error free setting. (On dual scale wrenches, the micrometer increment applies to the N·m scale.)
  • Quick and Light Adjustment: adjustment over the entire scale can quickly be achieved and with minimal effort in approximately ten complete turns (exact number varies by model).
  • Comfortable, Durable Handle: the handle is constructed using two materials; a base material for strength overlaid with a soft feel grip for comfort and slip resistance.
  • The handle material and lens resist chemicals in common usage in the automotive, aviation and industrial environments.
  • Supplied with a Declaration of Conformance, which meets the requirements of ISO 6789-1:2017

Technical Specs:

  • Length: 329 mm
  • Square Size: 3/8"
  • Weight: 0.6 Kg
  • Ratchet Diameter: 30 mm
  • Engagements per Revolution: 72

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