TruCheck Plus Torque Measurement Tool

by Norbar
SKU 43231

TruCheck Plus Torque Measurement Tool

Part Number: 43231

Operates between:

100.00 - 1000.00 N*m

75.00 - 750.00 lbf*ft

885.00 - 8850.00 lbf*in

Operator's Manual


As some customers require more flexibility than the basic TruCheck model, the 'Plus' adds a comprehensive range of features. With three modes of operation the TruCheck Plus is suitable for click wrenches, dial and electronic wrenches and in 'track' mode will continuously monitor the torque signal.

There are three torque units: N·m, lbf·ft and lbf·in.

TruCheck Plus also has a user selectable 'limit' feature. The operator sets the target torque and tolerance and the instrument will calculate whether the reading is within tolerance and indicate the results by illuminating one of three coloured LEDs: orange = low, green = ok, red = high.

TruCheck Plus has an RS-232 output and comes complete with an RS-232 cable. The reading measurement unit and limit status (Low, OK and High) are output via RS-232.

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