Primary Sand Transporter Tanks


Primary Sand Tank for CWI Railroad System Specialists' Sand System.

The Transporter Tank is mounted directly below the Sand Silo, connected by two 6" butterfly valves. After the tank becomes full through gravity feed from the silo, it is pressurized to send sand to the Secondary Tanks on the service platform. This tank is compatible with dense phase sand systems.

Vessel Description: Carbon Steel Pressure Vessel
Inlet Size from Silo: 6"
Outlet Size: 4"
Max Internal Pressure: 150 psi
Temp: -20 to 200 deg F
Hydro Test Pressure: 205 psi
ASME Code: U
Corrosion Allowance: None
Long Seam Efficiency: 70 %
Flooded Volume: 250 gal
Pressurized Air Inlet Size: 2"
Vent Size: 2" ANSI
Safety Valve Outlet Size: 1" NPT
High Level Sensor Size: 1 1/4" NPT
Low Level Sensor Size: 1 1/4" NPT
Inspection/Access Door: 6" x 8"

Vertical tanks with legs may require shimming or grouting during installation.

Ask about professional installation services and advice.

Lead time varies.

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