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Secondary Dust Collector Filters C8CU4AQ0, CWI Sand Systems

Original price $160.00
Current price $155.00


Replacement dust collector filters for the secondary sand pumps in CWI Railroad Sand Systems.

CWI Railroad System Specialists - Sand Systems and Equipment


Sand System Brochure

Quick Specs:

  • Part #:  C8CU4AQ0
  • Code:  C054-18-08-051
  • Flow: 7-15 cfm/ft2 @ 1/2" w.g.
  • Pleats: 47
  • Surface Area: 14 sq ft
  • Efficiency: 99.99% on 0.3 micron particles, 99.999% on 0.5 micron particles, 100% on 1.0 micron particles.
  • Gasket Material: Neoprene
  • Max Temp: 225 deg F
  • Color: off white
  • Length: 17.5"
  • Style: Round

*Filters should be changed annually at minimum.


We are a licensed and insured railroad contractor who offers maintenance/ service contracts for railroad mechanical facilities sand systems to provide full system assessment reports, change worn parts onsite, and provide emergency repairs.  Our distribution department is fully capable of supplying all parts and equipment needed for your facility sand system.  In addition to this, we design and build custom dense phase sand systems for locomotive traction sand filling in mobile and fixed Class 1 versions.  See our sand system brochure above under "Resources" for our locomotive servicing facilities sand systems.