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Sand Wand Nozzles for Locomotive Sand Box Filling Railroad Sand System

Original price $800.00
Current price $789.99
SKU 3101104074
Union Kit
Auto Shutoff Tubing

Sand Wands from CWI Railroad System Specialists are designed for use in dense phase or dilute phase locomotive sand systems. Compatible in sand pump systems with or without pressure sensing auto shutoff feature. Aluminum guard for polyurethane tubing. 1-1/2" sand supply hose will slip over end and attach with bottom union kit. Punch banding tool required for union kit.

Locomotive sand box filling nozzle

sanding system nozzles

Material: Aluminum.

Options: flex or rigid head, 74" or 50" style, w/ or w/o bottom union kit, w/ or w/o auto shutoff tubing

Recommend purchasing with 10' polyurethane tubing if hooking up to pressure differential switch for auto shutoff feature to work. Option shown in drop down menu.

Ask about fixed locomotive sand systems today!

CSX SCN: 31011040741