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IFM K15085 Capacitance Sensor, M12 Connector, Sand Tank Level Sensor

SKU IFM-K15085

Capacitance level sensor is located on the sand silo, transporter tank, and secondary tanks to gain a digital reading of the sand level. Sends digital message to computer to show the user where the sand level is at.

Brand: IFM Effector Inc

Model: IFM K15085

Capacative Sensor Metal Thread M30 x 1.5

DC PNP Output Function: Normally Open / Closed Programmable

Current Rating: 100mA

Flush Mountable Sensing Range: 9mm

Switching Frequency: 10Hz

Connection: M12 Connector

Recommend purchasing with M12 connector wires available in 5m, 10m, or 20m lengths, and probe/sensor mounting cup.

Spec Sheet