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IAC, WAM, Farr Sand Silo Dust Collector Filters

Original price $350.00
Current price $339.99

Filters for sand silo provided by CWI Railroad Systems Specialists. Choose filters depending on what system you have: IAC, FARR, WAM. Ask about available sand system maintenance from our service techs. Other custom filter designs available.

Filter for IAC Filtration System:

Design: Round
Ends: Open Top, Closed Bottom
Structural Material: Galvanized Metal
Style: Pleated

This Filter is the common one found in Railroad IAC Dust Collector Systems. Because sand is so abrasive, filter changes are recommended at least annually.

The non-woven, spun bond filter media in the pleated filter has a smooth calendered finish that maximizes dust cake release. Pleated filters resist surface penetration by the collected particulate, resulting in much higher cleaning efficiency and faster regeneration of operating airflows. The felt fabrics used in conventional filter bags have millions of rough surface fibers that can attach to the dustcake causing poor cake release. Actually, the felt fabric requires a considerable depth of dustcake to reach an acceptable level of efficiency. The smooth finish of the spun bond media allows for easy release of particulate. This material offers 99.99+% efficiency.

WAM Sand Silo Dust Collector Filters:

Need to order 7 filters to replace all
Flow Capacity: 7 cfm/ft2 @ 1/2" w.g.
Max Temp: 225 deg F

Direct replacement filter

Farr Silo Dust Collector Filter:

Direct replacement filter

Ask about professional installation services, regular maintenance, and advice!