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RYDM - Rail Yard Data Management from CWI Railroad System Specialists

RYDM integrates into your fuel system to monitor and record fuel data. RYDM starts by automatically scanning locomotives as they enter the yard. It utilizes meters to track the amount of fuel loaded into each locomotive and sends this data to a dedicated website.  This website is monitored by CWI's tech team and is viewed by your company. The website sends out automated emails about system status, bypass events, and periodic reports. RYDM also monitors incoming fuel through the truck loading and unloading system. This is an easy and accurate way to track your fuel stock, fuel deliveries, and locomotive fuel use.

CWI understands that each Rail Yard is unique and they understand your need for collecting accurate data. That's why each RYDM System comes tailor made to your specific needs and requirements. Give yourself the ability to track and report your product usage from anywhere with internet service. You will receive your own dedicated web page, tag readers for each locomotive that pulls up their information upon entering the yard, full time employees for support and monitoring, and lots of other great tools.

RYDM is a full turn-key solution from the engineering, to the software, to the construction, to the finished functioning system.

Trust RYDM to accurately track and record product usage. This system WILL save you time and money.

CWI profits from long term relationships, not change orders.

Call 610-652-5218 or email sales@railyardsupply.com today to see what CWI Railroad System Specialists can do for you!

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