AKO VMC Series Pinch Valves

by AKO
SKU VMC25.03XK.50N.30LX

Pinch valves are fully ported control valves that utilize pneumatic pressure to open and close. Ideal for fluids, slurries, abrasives, granulates, powders, and liquid containing solids. Railroad use: sand systems (granulates). Located on CWI, NEU, Dynamic Air, Cyclone Air sand systems.

AKO Pinch Valve

VMC series

Model Number: VMCxx.xxXK.xxN.xxLX

Thread Material: Stainless Steel Body

Material: Aluminum

Max Line Pressure: 90 psi

Control Pressure: 30 to 115 psi

Differential Pressure: ~25 to 30 psi

Temperature: 15 to 175 deg F

Inlet/Outlet: NPT Stainless

Replacement Sleeve: xx mm Sleeve

Pinch valves provide positive inline isolation. Apply pressurized air to create drip-proof seal. Light weight and compact complete free passage no dead spots.

Flexible modular system 100% tight shut off Easy maintenance and re-sleeving.

The ideal solution for isolation and regulation of solids of all kinds, suspensions, pastes, gaseous, fibrous and viscous media. Ask us about maintenance programs for regular sleeve replacement!

VMC Series Spec Sheet

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