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Omega 3/4-260S-U21/2-304SS Thermowells for 1/4" Connections

SKU 3-4-260S-U21-2-304SS

Omega 3/4-260S-U21/2-304SS Thermowells


Spec Sheet


Standard length, 1/4" stem, bimetal thermometers #20gage thermocouple elements unarmored liquid-in-glasstest thermometers. Other temperature-sensingelements having .252 in. maximum diameter.

Connection Size:
3/4" Other thread sizes areavailable upon request.

Protective Coatings for Thermowells:
• Resist Corrosion • For Chemical Baths• Color-Coded Sensors for Process Control• Available in PFA, Epoxy and other materials. Consult Sales Department for complete information

StainlessSteel A.I.S.I. 304 & A.I.S.I. 316 Monel. Wells are alsoavailable in special materials prices on request.