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Morrison Bros 3" Overfill Prevention Valve 9095AA3300AVEVR, fig. 9095AA

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Morrison Bros 3" Overfill Prevention Valve 9095AA3300AVEVR


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Corresponding OPV & Spill Containment

Quick Specs:

  • Manufacturer:  Morrison Bros
  • Item:  Pressure Fill Overfill Prevention Valve
  • Part Number:  9095AA3300AVEVR
  • Series:  AA Series
  • Figure:  fig. 9095AA
  • Suffix:  3300AVEVR
  • Size:  3"
  • Connections:  3" female threaded x 6" female threaded
  • Body Material:  Aluminum
  • CARB EVR Approved
  • for use on clean liquids only


Standard Features

  • Top fill, remote fill and dry disconnect connections available
  • Attach 3” Morrison 419 drop tube with the included drop tube adaptor
  • Adjustable float (1 1/2”)—for setting the precise shut off height
  • Integrated bleed hole prevents siphoning through the valve
  • Immediate and cushioned shutoff eliminates line shock
  • Full flow up to within seconds of valve closure
  • Integral anti-siphon function
  • Once closed, the integrated bleed hole featured allows less than 2% of the maximum flow to relieve fill line pressure allowing the fill nozzle to be removed without spilling product
  • Valve operates on simple mechanics with minimal moving parts. Shutoff is activated by basic hydraulic principles with not springs, levers of complicated sequence leading to valve closure
  • Typical flow rate is 550 GPM at 10 PSI pressure drop
  • 5 PSI minimum flow requirements. The valve will not work in gravity filling applications

Construction Details

  • Quick disconnect adaptor: Passivated aluminum
  • Remote adaptor: E-coated ductile iron
  • Shaft, linkage, and hardware: Stainless steel
  • Lower pipe nipple: E-coated steel
  • Drop tube adaptor: Passivated aluminum

Code Compliance

ULC-S661-10 listed; NFPA 30, 30A; UFC; IFC; PEI/ RP200; PEI/RP 600; and Florida DEP EQ-851. California EVR models available.


The 9095AA valve is installed at the fill port of a storage tank. Designed for use in pressurized fill systems and requires a tight fill connection. The valve installs in a standard 6” NPT male riser connection and can be set to the desired 90% or 95% shut off level by using standard length pipe nipples.

When installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, the overfill prevention valve can help eliminate hazardous spills. A mechanical test mechanism is available and sold separately. The test mechanism allows a technician to pull the test line at any time during the filling process to actuate the float and stop the fill. This allows a technician to verify the valve is working properly.

 Fig. 9095AA Series Valves & Ordering Instructions:

















0300 AV




AST OPV; Aluminum body, w/ 3” male quick disconnect x 6” female threads








AST OPV; Aluminum body, w/ 3” female threaded x 6” female threaded connections; CARB EVR approved








AST OPV; Aluminum body, less top connection, CARB EVR approved




0300 AV




AST Overfill Prevention Valve (Aluminum Body) w/ 3” Male Quick Disconnect x 6” Female British Threads




3300 AV




AST Overfill Prevention Valve (Aluminum body) with 3” Female BSP Threaded x 6” Female BSP Threaded Connections