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Long Handle Tankcar Railcar Wrenches 24" 19"

Original price $110.00
Current price $93.43

Long handle tank car wrenches for aluminum, iron, and stainless steel tank nuts

24" Long Handle Wrench for Iron and Aluminum Tank Car Nuts

Material: iron

Brand: dixon




V&C Co

Wrench for opening tank car threaded fittings on the railroad. Picture shown is attached to 4" male camlock x tank car threads adapter (sold separately).

19" Long Handle Wrench for Stainless Steel Tank Car Nuts

  • For use on long handle, rocker lug or pin lug couplings from 2-1/2" to 6"
  • Can be used on Dixon's cam and groove pin lug or trapezoidal lug tank car adapters or 8" pin lug couplings
  • Inverted "T" body construction for lighter weight and improved strength

Tank Car Wrench for Stainless Steel Nuts has an open end that slips over long handles for additional leverage while the claw fits rocker lugs or pin lugs, the other end can be used as a pry or crowbar.

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