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Garlock Ring Gaskets and Kits, ANSI Flanges

GnB Kits

Full Face Garlock Gaskets and Kits, ANSI Flanges


Spec Sheet


Full face ANSI garlock gaskets are ideal choices in flat face flange applications.  We offer gasket only or gasket and bolt kits.  Unlike traditional vegetable fiber and cork gaskets that allow oil to "wick" through the body of the gasket, the garlock gasket absorbs the media at the inside edge, swells, and creates a tighter, long term seal.


  • Thickness: 1/16" and 1/8"
  • Flange Style: ANSI
  • Applications: Water, Steam, Refrigerants, Oils, Fuels, Mild Acids, Mild Alkalines, DEF Fluid.
  • Material: Synthetic fiber sheet with proprietary rubber binder.

*Railyard Supply reserves the right to substitute equal performance, alternative brands without notice.