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E1615 LectroCount LCR-II LCR-600 XL LED Remote Display Liquid Controls

SKU E1615

E1615 LectroCount LCR-II XL LED Remote Display Liquid Controls


Spec Sheet


Model #: E1615

Manufacturer: Liquid Controls

6-Digit Backlit

Digit Height: 2-1/4"

Compatibility: LCR-600, LCR-II


  • All models are factory set to whole units (unless specified by order)
  • All models are supplied with Gallons displayed (unless specified by order). Additional units of measure labels included; Gallons Volume Corrected to 60 deg F, Litres Volume Corrected to 15 deg C, and Pounds.
  • All models include a 30 foot, 4-wire, shielded cable. Cable length not to exceed 100 feet.