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CWI Sand System Solenoid Valve, Air, SY7140-5LOZ


CWI Sand System Solenoid Valve, Air, SY7140-lLOZ




CWI sand systems for locomotive traction sand filling.

Quick Specs

  • P/N:  SY7140-5LOZ
  • Body Material:  Aluminum
  • Config:  2-position single solenoid
  • Light/ surge voltage supressor
  • Flow Rate:  8.69 cfm
  • Use with:  air
  • Base mount
  • # of Ports:  5
  • Pressure:  101 psi
  • Voltage:  24 VDC
  • The SY Can Be Used Individually or Manifold Mounted
  • Offers High Flow with Low Power Consumption in a Compact Design
  • Power Consumption with Power Saving Circuit: 0.1 W
  • Response Time 10 mSec or Less
  • Long Life (Exceeding 50 Million Cycles)
  • Clean Aesthetic Design