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FREE ACCESS to our RYDM (Rail Yard Data Management) demo website... click to learn more
FREE ACCESS to our RYDM demo website... Rail Yard Data Management

Truck Unloading / Loading Skid with RYDM Data Software

Inbound fuel skid. Load and unload fuel trucks on your railyard. Ties into RYDM (if present) to digitally monitor fuel data.

This Skid is custom designed to best meet and exceed your needs for reliability, performance, and usability. All systems are custom to your needs.

General Components:
pump, motor, gear reducer, air eliminator w/ mechanical float assembly, 50-01 pressure maintain Cla-Val, meter, prover loop, fuel crane, electrical panel, etc.

Turn-key skids provide the benefit of being pre-wired, pre-piped, pre-designed, and pre-tested before ever reaching your site. Just imagine the reduced downtime when upgrading your system.

We truly believe that this will be the most reliable skid you can buy. Request a quote to find out what we can do for you.

Also, ask for an estimate for CWI railroad system specialists to permanently secure, wire, and pipe your new skid into its new home.