Automated Dense Phase Locomotive Sand Conveying Systems

SKU 810016240501
CWI Railroad System Specialists designed, engineered, and installed turn-key dense phase sand system.

A sand system, depending on the region, can be one of the most important systems at a Locomotive Service Center. The only problem is it is usually the most unreliable system because of the extensive wear damage caused by conveying sand. CWI's proven dense phase type sand system helps minimize Sand System downtime due to worn parts. The reliability of any system is dependent upon a proper design and a quality installation. CWI has an extensive reputation for custom designed Sand Systems, designed specifically for each site’s requirements.

Enclosed silo to extend the life of the main transport components.
PLC control with standard Ethernet communication link between main system panel and each sanding spot.
Customer specific data collection and reporting and if desired remote reporting available.
Pinch valves with independent solenoid valves used to minimize maintenance costs.

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