Insulated Heated Lube Oil Pump Cabinet


CWI Railroad System Specialists' Heated Pump Cabinet

We understand that your service station will be different than the next, so we can custom engineer options to best fit your needs.

Since there are so many usages for an insulated and heated cabinet, CWI offers several standard sizes and configurations. Ease of operation in a rugged frame is our specialty.

Typically, these contain 2 pumps.  One smaller pump to transfer lube from the bulk tank to the day tank, and one larger pump to transfer lube from the day tank to the service platform.  Various types of pumps are available.

CWI Lube Oil and Journal Oil pump cabinets. Various configurations available. Heated cabinet will house pumps, valves, and regulators to draw oil from main tank to day tank and then from your day tank to the service platform reel cabinet. Cabinets are pre-wired and pre-piped before they reach your site. Turn-key cabinets come with the peace of mind that your system has been previously tested to ensure proper functioning. Avoid delays and minimize construction time to keep your locomotives up and running.

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