High Level Alarms for Bulk Tanks


CWI High Level Alarm.  Unlimited amount of sensors can be linked to one alarm.  Prevent potential environmental hazards

CWI High Level Alarm

# of tanks monitored: unlimited
Reliable: yes
Visual Alarm: yes
Audible Alarm: yes
Loudness: 80 to 100 dB
Self-Adjusting: yes
Size of Tank: Unlimited

High Level Alarm emits a pulse sound that self-adjusts according to the surrounding environment. ex: The louder the surrounding noise, the louder the alarm will sound. The softer the surrounding noise, the softer the alarm will sound. Alarm will always sound louder than surrounding noise.

Distance does not factor into alarm function.

Do not risk overfilling your large tanks. Prevent environmental hazards, headaches, and wasted money with the CWI high level alarm. Available for installation from CWI railroad system specialists.

Make this the last High Level Alarm you ever install!

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