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Cox Turbine Meters and Pickup Sensors


Cox CX2-1/2F1C2CB  Turbine Meter

2 1/2" Turbine Meter for RYDM Equipped Automated Fueling Systems.

Pressure Range: 0 - 400gpm
Size: 2 1/2"
Flange: ANSI 150 lb
Stainless steel construction
Dual bearings for extended operation

This Cox Turbine Meter is standard equipment in all RYDM Fuel Systems. The meter is installed just before the service station nozzle to accurately send fuel quantity data to the PLC. A Cox Pickup/Pickoff Sensor is installed to send this information through a hardwired connection.

Pickoff / Pickup sensor for Cox Turbine Meter

Voltage: 24V
Pickoff RF Amp 5/8-18 NPT 3FL
Temp: -40 to 248 deg F
P/N: CX201255

The Turbine Meter Pickup records the amount of pulses caused each time the inner blade rotates. This Signal is calibrated to effectively record the volume of liquid passing through the meter. RYDM software collects, organizes, and reports this data for your accurate inventory and usage reporting.

Turbine Meter for RYDM Equipped Automated Fueling Systems

Spec Sheet

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