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Blackmer XL4C Pump Skid, 4" Pump, Sliding Vane Positive Displacement


Blackmer XL4C Pump Skid, 4" Pump, Sliding Vane Positive Displacement, 15 hp Motor


IOM Manual

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 Quick Specs:

  • Size:  4"
  • Model:  XL4C
  • Manufacturer:  Blackmer
  • Type:  Rotary Vane, Sliding Vane, Positive Displacement
  • Flow Rate:  104 - 345 gpm
  • Motor:  15 HP
  • Max Working Pressure:  350 psi
  • Product String:  XL4C/4/1R/S0/2/3/2/0/0/0/0/W/0/MT

Ask about CWI loading systems and skids!  Designed and built in-house.

Pump Model XL4C Ductile Iron sliding vane pump
with a liner,
mechanical seals, external ball bearings, integral relief
valve, singleended-
keyed shaft, and flanged pipe connections.
4 Vanes - Duravane®
1R SE Keyed Rot/Shaft, RH Rot
S0 SVCV Seal (Sta: Steel / FKM Rot: Carbon / FKM)
2 Corrosion Resistant Relief Valve
3 51-75 PSI STE RV Spring
2 FKM Elastomers
W 4" Weld Flanges
High Speed Coupling Guard (BLKP31507)
Low Speed Coupling Guard (BLKP31508)
Nord Gear Reducer SK42W 3.02:1 Ratio (BLKP80327)
CPLG HALF C5018 W/ .3125 KEY 1.25" BORE
CPLG HALF C5018 W/ .500 KEY 1.875" BORE
CPLG HALF L150 LVJY 1 1/2" B (BLKP91824)
(4) STUD 3/8-16 X 2.00" STEEL (BLACK OXIDE)

(4) STUD 1/2-13 X 2.00" STEEL (BLACK OXIDE)
XL4-SK42W-254T (BLKP99327) XP929232 15 HP
1800 rpm 60 Hz 3 ph 230/460 Volt 254T Expl. Proof