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FREE ACCESS to our demo RYDM website... click to learn more

898020-201-03L Portable Derails, Yellow, Left Hand Throw, Red Derail Flag Included

SKU 898020-201-03L

898020-201-03L Portable Derails, Yellow, Left Hand Throw, Red Derail Flag Included


Spec Sheet


  • Model #: 898020-201-03L
  • Derail Color: Yellow
  • Derail Direction: Left Hand Throw
  • Flag/Staff Color: Red "Derail"
  • Weight: 47 lbs.


  • Covers 75-141lb Rail
  • Easy Installation
  • Can be Padlocked to Rail Head
  • Made from High Strength Steel
  • Sits 2-7/8” Above Railhead
  • Complete with Flag and Staff
  • Other Derail Colors Available Upon Request


A derail is a device that will derail any railroad rolling stock, including mainline locomotives. Employees working on or around the track with nearby rolling stock, must be protected by a derail. As the flange of the train wheel comes in contact with the derail, it lifts the wheel and deflects it away from the rail head, and thus, the wheels are halted by becoming imbedded in the track ballast.

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