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3324RR Locomotive Jump Starter, up to 3,500 hp Locomotives, Start Pac

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Spec Sheet

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Quick Specs

  • Model #:  3324RR
  • Application:  up to 3,500 hp Locomotives
  • Battery Type:  Lead Acid
  • Voltage:  72 VDC
  • Peak Current:  2400 A
  • Cold Start @ 0˚ F/ -18˚ C:  330 CCA
  • Capacity @ 10 A Rate:  28 Ah
  • Total Weight:  236 lbs./ 107 kg
  • Dimensions (LWH):  38" x 21" x 20"
  • Charger Type:  Built-in
  • Float Type Charger Input *must be specified at order:  111 VAC, 220 VAC
  • Charging Time Range:  30 minutes to 3 hours


Designed to start the locomotive engine directly when the locomotive battery is not sufficiently charged or capable of starting the engine, this unit will reduce operating costs by improving the safety and efficiency in the field. The unit can be manufactured with wheels or without them in order to be truck mounted.

The environmentally responsible, low VOC powder coating protects the case from wear, tear and poor weather conditions. Additionally, an all-weather cover accessory is also available as an option for this unit in order to protect it further from inclement weather to gain the maximum performance and product life.

The 3324RR locomotive engine starting maintenance unit can be manufactured with wheels or without wheels to be truck mounted; it is a locomotive jump starter for engines up to 3500 horse power, not for battery charging and it can be pulled by hand or tug. The handle of the tug is 48” high and locking it in an upright position sets its brake automatically.  This ground power unit has heavy duty locomotive alligator clips and solid rubber wheels for rough terrain; additionally its environmentally responsible, low VOC powder coating protects it further from wear, tear and poor weather conditions.

Safety Features

  • Emergency Disconnect: this is a rotary type switch on the outside of the case that disconnects the battery bank from the output cables to the locomotive
  • Reverse Polarity Detector: this is a safety feature installed into the cables near the alligator clamps that connect to the locomotive so that the operator will see the reverse polarity detector light illuminate if the clamps are connected in the reverse position


  • This unit is designed to start diesel engines up to 3500 horse power, but it will not overcome a dead locomotive battery at the same time. In this instance, disconnect the locomotive battery.

This GPU is rated at 330 CCA.  Multi-unit chargers offer redundant field reliability.  Units can be serviced in the field if needed when conducting locomotive maintenance.

Power cables are normally 25′ but can be up to 35′. 800 amp alligator clamps can be installed if required.

PLEASE NOTE: When trying to start a locomotive with a dead battery, the battery must be disconnected (knife switch).

NOTE: Always recharge the GPU until the green charger lights appear. Once charged, it is not necessary to leave the unit turned on.  If a heater is installed, leave the unit plugged in.

Always recharge soon after being use in order to prevent sulfation of the batteries.

CAUTION  When using the emergency disconnect, whether activating or deactivating there should be no load on the START PAC® batteries from the locomotive.  If there is, severe arcing will result causing damage to the relays.  Except in an emergency therefore, only use the disconnect under normal operations while the START PAC® is unloaded.



Railroad traffic operators want to make sure all their rolling stock will start properly and not get stuck on tracks, disrupting the rest of the rail traffic.  START PAC® starting units spare you the nightmare of late running trains because the locomotive battery is not sufficiently charged or capable of starting the engine.
The START PAC® locomotive range is designed to start engines up to 6,000 horse power and, not only that, it is capable of meeting multiple daily locomotive engine starting requirements.
Made in the USA and developed with the latest state-of-the-art battery and power management technology, our products are trusted the world over.  START PAC power supplies are built for heavy duty application and are designed to withstand all environments, however tough.  START PAC boasts superior technical and after sales support thanks to our long standing industry experience and our passion for the industries in which we work.  START PAC offers unparalleled value for money and fast global shipping via our international dealership network.

*Batteries are cycle-dependent and are therefore not covered under this warranty.
*All START PAC™ products come with a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials.*
*Please handle this unit in a responsible manner.  START PAC™ is not responsible for damages caused by misuse or neglect.