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3097 in. lbs. Torque Electric Actuator, Failsafe Closed Battery Backup, 24-240V, 561604C-5616C-BSR-NC, Valworx

by Valworx
SKU 561604C-5616C-BSR-NC

3097 in. lbs. Torque Electric Actuator, Failsafe Closed Battery Backup, 24-240V, 561604C-5616C-BSR-NC


Data Sheet

IOM Manual

Quick Specs:

  • Part Number:  561604C-5616C-BSR-NC
  • Voltage: 24-240 Volt AC or DC (1ph, auto-voltage sensing)
  • Power Consumption: 0.8A @ 110VAC, 0.5A @ 240VAC, 3.3A @ 24VAC, 2.7A @ 24VDC (full load amps)
  • Cycle Time: 58 seconds per 90° rotation
  • Max Run Torque: 2655 in lbs (300Nm)
  • Max Break Torque: 3097 in lbs (350Nm)
  • Duty Cycle: 75%
  • Enclosure: IP67 weatherproof polyamide housing, UV protected
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Working Rotation: 90°
  • Temperature Range: -4 to +158 °F (-20 to +70 °C)
  • Motor Switches: 2 x SPST
  • Auxiliary Switches: 2 x SPST dry contact 220/5A (confirm open/close position)
  • Heater: 4 watt (thermostatic anti-condensation)
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs (5.2Kg)
  • ISO5211 Mounting: F07 & F10
  • Output Drive: 22mm double square
  • Electrical Connections: DIN plug with cable entry (optional 1/2" conduit plugs or pre-wired cable)


  • Brushless motor
  • Quarter turn operation
  • External LED diagnostic light
  • Multi-voltage capable with auto-voltage sensing
  • Electronic torque limiter - protects against valve jams
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Manual override
  • Highly visual dome style position indicator
  • Electrical connections by DIN plug connectors
  • Two auxiliary limit switches to confirm open and closed position
  • Standard ISO5211 multi-flange valve mounting
  • Anti-corrosion resistant IP67 weatherproof enclosure
Valworx 561604C electric actuator uses power-to-open and power-to-close, stays in last known position with loss of power. On receipt of a continuous voltage signal, the motor runs and via a flat gear drive system rotates the output drive 90°. The motor is automatically stopped by internal cams striking limit switches. On receipt of a reversing continuous signal, the motor turns in the opposite direction reversing the output drive position.
These electric actuators are typically used to automate quarter turn ball valves, butterfly valves or dampers. Actuator is easy to install using standard ISO5211 multi-flange mounting and double square drive. Electrical wiring via DIN style plug connectors, no need to remove the actuator cover. Two auxiliary dry contact limit switches are provided to confirm open and closed valve position. Thermostatically controlled anti-condensation heater will help protect actuator against damage from condensation. Electronic over torque protection helps prevent damage due to valve jams.