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1" Air Filter, F30-08A, Condensate Auto-Drain

SKU F30-08M

Wilkerson FRL's F30 Jumbo Airline Filter


Spec Sheet

Quick Specs:

Part #:  F30-08A

Connection: 1" NPT Threaded

Condensate Drain:  Automatic

Bowl:  Transparent Polycarbonate

Element:  5 micron

Seals:  Nitrile

Guard:  Aluminum

Max Operating Pressure:  150 psi

Flow:  323 scfm

Temperature Range:  32F to 125F

Filter Element: polyethylene

steel stud element retainer


Wilkerson Dixon jumbo airline filter with automatic condensate drain, transparent bowl, and metal guard. Includes filter element. Inline moisture separator helps to remove water from compressed air systems.

*Commonly found on compressed air manifold on sand system to eliminate water from entering sand flow.

Replacement Parts:

Part # Description Includes Item # Qty
FRP-95-209 Replacement 5 Micron Element
FRP-95-775 Replacement Plastic Bowl with Guard, Auto Drain
GRP-95-256 bowl o'ring kit contains 10 o'rings
GRP-95-808 Replacement Bowl Guard Only
GRP-95-973 Replacement Auto Drain