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PLF20 Sleeper Gantry La Falco Railway Machines


PLF20 Sleeper Gantry La Falco Railway Machines



La Falco Railway Machines


The PLF20 sleeper gantry was designed and built for the transport and handling of the sleepers during the laying of new railway lines or the renewal of the same.


High technologyThe sleeper gantry travels on special wagons equipped with side rails, and through a special collection structure, it is able to bring the new sleepers to the laying train and bring the old sleepers back onto the wagons.

Maximum productivityEquipped with trolleys with motorized wheel units, independent hydraulic circuits, and a high-performance motor, the PLF20 portal is able to perform a work cycle over a distance of 8 wagons in less than a minute.


Weight x 16500 kg (36,376 lbs.)
Lifting capacity x 8000 kg (17,637 lbs.)
Power x 147 kW @ 2300 rpm
Maximum speed x 20 Km/h