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J882 Road-Rail Loaders La Falco Railway Machines


J882 Road-Rail Loaders La Falco Railway Machines

The right balance between power and agility...



La Falco Railway Machines


The J882 road-rail loader is the most versatile of the family. It has been designed to cope with heavy workloads thanks to its power and lifting capacity, ensuring great speed and extraordinary agility. Born as a railway machine, it is also ideal for use as an excavator.

Main Benefits

Works on rail and roadThe J882 loader works with the same high performance both on rails and on the road.

Wide range of tools available suitable for different work needsIt mounts multipurpose forks of various types. Different buckets: buckets for loading of crushed stone, buckets for stripping between sleepers and multi-purpose buckets. Rocker arm for sleepers. Excavating buckets of different sizes. Ridging pliers with vibrating. Miller for brushwood. Hydraulic hammer for demolitions. Magnetic plate. Hydraulic vertical drill. Hook for the crane. Magnet, etc.

High lifting capacityJ882 is equipped with powerful arms that have a maximum lifting capacity of 10 tons

VersatilityThe 200hp engine gives the 25.5 ton J882 loader a very high power. These balanced characteristics allow a traction force of 162KN on the road and 140KN on the rail.


  • Hydrostatic transmission on a closed circuit with DTC: Dynamic Torque Control which guarantees always smooth acceleration.
  • DSC: Dynamic Stability Control prevents tipping and guarantees the stability of the machine.
  • PentaHydra: five independent hydraulic circuits maintain maximum power and speed with multiple movements.
  • Gear change with automatic and robotic double mode.


Engine x 147 kW(200 HP) @ 2300 rpm
Weight x 25,000 kg
Lift capacity x 33 tonne/m
Track Gauge x Available any track gauge
Maximum arm exstension x 7500 mm