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GF13 Road-Rail Loaders La Falco Railway Machines


GF13 Road-Rail Loaders La Falco Railway Machines



La Falco Railway Machines


The GF13 road-rail loader is the smallest and most compact of the family.  It has been designed for civil works and railway maintenance, thanks to its extreme agility and low weight.


Works on rail and roadThe GF13 loader works with the same high performance both on rails and on the road.

Light and balancedThe weight of GF13 allows the machine to work on wet, sandy, or muddy soils with better performance than heavier machines.

CompactThe small working dimensions make the machine ideal for working in confined spaces with maximum speed.

RapidThe 130 bhp engine offers the ideal 14 ton GF13 loader for maximum acceleration and speed.


Hydrostatic transmission on a closed circuit with DTC: Dynamic Torque Control which guarantees always smooth acceleration.

DSC: Dynamic Stability Control prevents tipping and guarantees the stability of the machine.


Engine x 85 kW(115HP) @ 2300 rpm
Weight x 13,685 kg
Lifting capacity x 14 tonne/m
Track Gauge x Available any track gauge
Maximum arm exstension x 5700 mm