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GCR1000 Rail Loader Cranes La Falco Railway Machines


GCR1000 Rail Loader Cranes La Falco Railway Machines



La Falco Railway Machines


GCR1000 Rail Loader Cranes are designed for loading and unloading the rails on wagons.

Composed of a telescopic arm equipped with a hydraulic winch and mounted on slewing bearing that links it to the basement of the crane.


Can be used simultaneously- With a lifting capacity of 1000 kg, these cranes can be used in groups simultaneously to be able to move rails of any length.

Radio-controlled- A single remote control can operate multiple cranes, requiring fewer workers, increasing safety, and increasing working speed.


Engine x 34 kW (46 HP) @ 2800 giri/min
Lifting capacity x 1,000 kg (2,204 lbs.)
Maximum arm exstension x 2,500 mm (98.43 inches)
Rotating angle x 180°