Aluminum 1-1/4" Lube Oil Nozzle

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SKU 410-300-03

EBW (Franklin Fueling) Fuel/Oil Nozzle

Threads: 1.25" NPT female (inlet/outlet)
Model: 410-300-03
Body: Aluminum
Stem: Stainless Steel
Packing: PTFE-impregnated graphite
Disc: Fluorocarbon
Pressure Rating: 100 psi

The EBW 410 fuel oil delivery nozzle has hold-open notches and a lever pin bushing made of Nylafil, which resists wear five times longer than metal and is unaffected by temperature extremes. This is the most rugged nozzle available with a heavy duty body and increased wear lugs. Dashpot construction ensures smooth opening, shockproof closure and maximum flow.

Will not shut off automatically!

Ask about professional installation services and advice.

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