Cla-Val Pilot Valves for Control Valves

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Cla-Val CRL-60 pressure relief pilot control and CRD pressure reducing pilot control valves.

Cla-Val CRD pressure reducing pilot control valve

The Cla-Val Models CRA and CRD Pressure Reducing Control automatically reduce a higher inlet pressure to a lower outlet pressure. They are direct acting, spring loaded, diaphragm type control regulators that operate hydraulically or pneumatically. These valves are held open by the force of the compression spring above the diaphragm, and close when the downstream pressure acting on the underside of the diaphragm exceeds the spring setting. The CRD senses downstream pressure directly and the CRA senses downstream pressure remotely. Flow through the control responds to changes in downstream pressure. Turning the adjusting screw clockwise increases the delivery pressure. Turning it counterclockwise decreases the pressure. A resilient disc assures tight shut-off on dead-end service. Models CRA and CRD may be installed in any position. There is one inlet port and two outlets for either straight or angle installation. The second outlet port can be used for a gauge connection. These valves are ideal small capacity regulators for applications such as water coolers, fountains, humidifiers, gas refrigerators, and air supply to tools and instruments. Remote pressure sensing is available with the CRA. They also have numerous applications as pilot controls on many Cla-Val Automatic Control Valves.

Cla-Val CRL-60 KB pressure relief pilot control valve

The Cla-Val Model CRL-60 Pressure Relief Valve is a direct-acting, spring loaded, diaphragm type relief valve. Often used as a pilot control for ClaVal Hytrol valves, it can also be used as a standalone pressure relief valve. The CRL-60 may be installed in any position. It opens and closes within very close pressure limits. The bottom plug may be removed and installed in the inlet to convert it to an angle pattern flow path. The Model CRL-60 is normally held closed by the force of the compression spring above the diaphragm. Control pressure is applied under the diaphragm. When the controlling pressure exceeds the spring setting, the disc is lifted off its seat, permitting flow through the control. When control pressure drops below the spring setting, the spring forces the control back to its normally closed position. The controlling pressure is applied to the chamber beneath the diaphragm through a sensing port on the CRL-60 body. Pressure adjustment is simply a matter of turning the adjusting screw to vary the spring pressure on the diaphragm. The CRL-60 is available in four pressure ranges: 0 to 75 psi, 20 - 75 psi, 20 to 105 psi, 20 to 200 psi, 40 to 200 psi and 100 to 300 psi. To prevent tampering, the adjustment cap can be wire sealed by using the lock wire holes provided in the cap and cover; or supplied with a X140-1 Locking Cap. The X140-1 is a key and six-pin cylinder locking security cap that completely encapsulates the pilot control adjustment screw and cannot be removed without the appropriate key

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CRD pilot control spec sheet

CRL-60 pilot control spec sheet

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