Cla-Val Control Valves 50-01

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Cla-Val 50-01 Pressure Relief Valves regulate upstream pressure in locomotive fueling systems

The Cla-Val Model 50-01 Pressure Relief Valve is actuated by line pressure through a pilot control system, opening fast to maintain steady line pressure but closing gradually to prevent surges. Operation is completely automatic and pressure settings may be easily changed. This valve can be used for pressure relief, pressure sustaining, back pressure, or unloading functions in a bypass system. If a check feature is added, and a pressure reversal occurs, the downstream pressure is admitted into the main valve cover chamber, closing the valve to prevent return flow.


1.) 100-01 Hytrol Main Valve

2.) X42N-2 Strainer & Needle Valve

3.) CRL-60 Pressure Relief Control

This fast opening, slow closing relief valve provides system protection against high pressure surges on pump start up and pump shut down by dissipating the excess pressure to a safe location.

Body & Cover: Ductile Iron

Available Sizes: 1" - 36" / 25 - 900mm

Disc Retainer & Diaphragm Washer: Cast Iron

Trim: Disc Guide, Seat & Cover Bearing Bronze is Standard Stainless Steel is Optional

Disc: Buna-N® Rubber

Diaphragm: Nylon Reinforced Buna-N® Rubber

Stem, Nut & Spring: Stainless Steel

This valve is commonly seen in a truck unloading skid, installed upstream to a meter.  The valve acts to open when enough pressure is built up by the pump to eliminate air being falsely read by the pump.

Ask about professional installation services and advice.

Specification Sheet

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