Blackmer Positive Displacement Pump Rebuild Kits for GX4B XL4A XL4B XL4C X4B TXD4A - BLK898959 BLK898965 BLK898911

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Rebuild kits and service for Blackmer GX4B, XL4A, XL4B, XL4C, X4B, and TXD4A sliding vein positive displacement pumps.

Blackmer GX4B Rebuild Kit

Model: BLK898911
Push Rods: 3
Complete Mechanical Seals: 2
Duravane: 6
O Rings: 4
Garlock Gasket: (2) 4" Full Face ANSI
Relief Valve Gasket: 2
Small Garlock Gasket: 1
Ball Bearings: 2

Blackmer XL4A/XL4B/XL4C Pump Rebuild Kit.

Model: BLK898965
O Rings: 9
Push Rods: 3
Duravanes: 6
Complete Mechanical Seals: 2
Ball Bearings: 2
Pressure Relief Valve Gasket: 2
Shaft Lock Pin: 1
Nut Lock: 2

Blackmer X4B/TXD4A (FKM) Pump Rebuild Kit.

Model: BLK898959
Complete Mechanical Seals: 2
Ball Bearings: 2
O Rings: 2
Oil Seals: 1
Push Rods: 3
Garlock Full Face Gasket: (2) 4"
Metal Lock Rings: 2
Shaft Locks: 2

Includes all parts needed for complete rebuild!

Assembled in USA
Genuine Blackmer Parts

Ask about professional rebuild services and advice.

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